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Oslo, Tuesday 4th of December, 2012

A new Norwegian
Type Foundry

Monokrom Type Foundry is a new Norwegian type foundry, developing and marketing digital typefaces (“fonts”) for a professional market. Monokrom was established in 2012 by the type designers Frode Bo Helland and Sindre Bremnes, who comprise the company’s typographic expertise.

– Typographically speaking, Norway is practically a developing country. We have no distinct national tradition, and very few people design type in Norway nowadays. We want to do something about that, says Sindre Bremnes.

In the future, Monokrom are also planning to release typefaces from other type designers.

– Our aim is to become a centre for quality typography in the Nordic countries, says Frode Bo Helland.

↑ Frode Helland and Sindre Bremnes. Photo: Hanna Maria Van Zijp.

Rooted in history, pushing forward. During the last decade, interest in graphic design and typography has exploded, especially among young people. The amount and release-frequency of available typefaces has increased dramatically since the digital revolution. Monokrom stands firmly on the foundation of the typographic handicraft traditions, aiming to build upon this foundation for a new era.

– We’re not trying to ride this “wave”, but rather develop and challenge the established norms in order to create something both new and lasting, says Helland.

– Too many type designers draw typefaces that have already been drawn countless times. We want to create something new, for today’s and tomorrow’s technology. Still, one has to know history and tradition very well in order to challenge it. I am interested in neither historicism nor modernism. I draw what I like, and what I think works, says Bremnes.

↑ Our five typefaces: Faunus, Aften Screen, Telefon, Satyr and Vinter.

Readability across all media. Typography should combine aesthetics with function. Monokrom typefaces aren’t necessarily striking or flashy, and maximum legibility under different circumstances is always an important concern.

– Many popular typefaces look like the designer has tried to “decorate” the alphabet by means of ornamentation. We believe the alphabet itself is pretty enough, but more importantly has a function. Good design should first and foremost consider that function, says Helland.

No typeface can be equally suited for every purpose. In order to put quality first, most of Monokrom’s typefaces are designed with a particular purpose in mind – small or large point sizes, print or screen. Notably, dedicated screen- and webfonts is a rapidly expanding market, with great demand for more quality typefaces. Monokrom wants to meet this challenge with in-house screen optimisation expertise.

Unique language support. All Monokrom typefaces actively support a wide range of languages, with special glyphs for practically every existing language utilising the Latin alphabet. Detailed information about language support can be found on

About the designers

Sindre Bremnes (1970) has a broad background from the Norwegian press industry, as editor, culture editor and desk editor in such newspapers as Klassekampen, Nationen, VG and Dagbladet. He makes his debut as type designer in 2012 with the typefaces Faunus, Satyr and Telefon.

Frode Bo Helland (1985) has already worked in graphic design for more than a decade, creating magazines, websites and visual profiles. He makes his debut as type designer in 2012 with the typefaces Aften and Vinter.


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