Fabric Serif

Fabric Serif is a stringent Roman with a sharp finish, complete with all the features you’ve come to expect from a reliable text typeface. The seriffed portion of the Fabric Collection is an austere reimagining of Frank Hinman Pierpoint’s Plantin (1913) for contemporary typographic requirements. Twice removed from its Renaissance roots, Fabric Serif reconstructs 15th century letterforms on Baroque proportions with a stylised Modernist detailing.

Fabric Serif is an ideal partner to Fabric Sans.

The Fabric Collection is conceived as an overarching concept. Sans and Serif share the same structural foundation: curve tension, energy, rhythm and metrics, but deviate in morphology and detailing. This means they can combine inline without falling flat, but also tie a common thread through a complex typographical hierarchy.

The word fabric originates in the Latin faber ‘craftsman, forger, smith’ and fābrica ‘workshop’. One can trace its roots throughout industrial society: to forge, to fabricate, the factory ( fabrik[k] in the Germanic languages), textiles, and the underlying framework of structures.

The Fabric Collection is presented through a series of abstract collages by Dado Queiroz, pieced together from discarded, reconstructed, remnants of industrial production. Research, recreation and printing of the collage raw material is done by Benjamin Hickethier at the &soWalter Press.

Fabric Serif is designed by Sindre Bremnes and Frode Helland with assistance from Wei Huang. Fabric Serif is available for direct licensing through our webshop.

Sindre Bremnes, Frode Helland, Wei Huang
Released: 2020
Format: OTF, WOFF, WOFF2
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Fabric Sans