Avgarde is the drunken sign painter’s grotesk we’ve all been waiting for – a glorious cacophony held together with duct tape and baling wire … and 1,700 lines of triplet kerning. Let’s go!

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Bold, narrow and aggressively stylised, Condensed Grotesk is the first member of the Condensed family – an ongoing exploration of display typography delineated by spatial constraints rather than formal resemblance. Condensed Grotesk is a compact sans serif in three variants, reinvigorating a mainstay tool of blue collar worker-printers.

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Dewey Decimal

Dewey Decimal is a contemporary reimagining of Documentary, a proportional typewriter style for the Friden Justowriter teleprinter. The large x-height, coupled with unfurling enclosed spaces, result in wide apertures that breathe fresh air into a self-contained Neo-classical construction.

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