The characters

We are a designer-driven company, built on the specialised expertise of our in-house type designers. In due time we plan to add the works of other type designers to our catalogue.

Sindre Bremnes (1970) started drawing type as a means of escapism. Working as an editor in various newspapers for a decade-and-a-half, he became increasingly frustrated by the sad state of Norwegian typography. So he decided to do something about it.

Bremnes’ type has little in common with the mainstream products of today’s young generation of type designers. Instead, he draws inspiration from old-world crafts and natural phenomena, vintage Nordic hand-lettering, early polyphony and the tension in wood-grain. His main focus is typefaces for printing in smallish sizes on paper.

Frode Bo Helland (1985) is a graphic designer and type designer. He lives together with his wife and daughter in Oslo, Norway. 2012 marks his debut as a retail type designer with two releases, Vinter and Aften.

Originally a graphic designer, he soon discovered the allure of letterforms and — years later — eventually started sketching his own. He is convinced the world doesn’t just need more, but rather better typefaces.

Hans Ivar Stordal (1981) is a self-employed writer, translator, proof reader and layman type enthusiast, with a background as a comics and magazine editor. Some of his ramblings are available at this blog. He lives in Birkeland where he handles all the Monokrom paperwork.

Nina Stössinger (1978) is a typographer and type designer from Basel, Switzerland. She graduated from the TypeMedia master program and currently lives and works in Den Haag with her studio, Typologic. Nina is responsible for the spacing and kerning of Satyr.

Michiel Vancoillie (1989) helped us develop our website. He is a self-employed engineer in computer science, with a passion for application and web development. Born in Belgium, he currently lives in Ghent.

Hasselblad portraits by Erlend Berge.