The characters

We are a designer-driven company, built on the specialised expertise of our in-house type designers. In due time we plan to add the works of other type designers to our catalogue.

Sindre Bremnes (1970) worked as an editor, critic, and journalist for various newspapers before he started drawing type in his late thirties. He is self-taught as a type designer, and finds inspiration in Northern crafts, art, and nature. Bremnes is an avid hobby-linguist who takes great pleasure in playing music from the Renaissance and baroque eras.

Frode Bo Helland (1985) learned graphic design in his late teens, and became increasingly interested in the smallest and most important building blocks of communication design: the letters. In his work, he aims to challenge the fundamental principles of the craft. He is responsible for, among other things, Monokrom’s technical font production.

Hans Ivar Stordal (1981) is a self-employed writer, translator, proof reader and layman type enthusiast, with a background as a comics and magazine editor. He lives in Birkeland where he handles all the Monokrom paperwork.

Nina Stössinger (1978) is a typographer and type designer from Basel, Switzerland and now type designer with Frere-Jones Type. She is a graduate from the TypeMedia master program at KABK. Nina is responsible for the spacing and kerning of Satyr.