The characters

Sindre Bremnes worked as an editor, critic, and journalist for various newspapers before he started drawing type in his late thirties. He is self-taught as a type designer, and finds inspiration in Northern crafts, art, and nature. Bremnes is an avid hobby-linguist who takes great pleasure in playing music from the Renaissance and baroque eras.

Frode Helland Frode Helland is a reader, observer and maker of letterforms, drawing upon historical research and socio-cultural studies to shape and challenge visual language.

Hans Ivar Stordal is a self-employed writer, translator, proof reader and layman type enthusiast, with a background as a comics and magazine editor. He lives in Birkeland where he handles all the Monokrom paperwork.

Nina Stössinger is a typographer and type designer from Basel, Switzerland and now type designer with Frere-Jones Type. She is a graduate from the TypeMedia master program at KABK. Nina released her Nordvest typeface for Monokrom in 2016. Nina is responsible for the spacing and kerning of Satyr.

Robin Mientjes is a typographic designer and type designer from The Netherlands. She lives in Oslo, Norway, where she designs typefaces at the Tiny Type Co.. She also bakes, cooks, reads, writes, and tells her dog she’s a good girl. Robin has assisted in the design of our Karelia typeface and wrote the introduction for Numera.

Benjamin Hickethier is an emigré in Stavanger, where he researches on Visual Communication and runs the riso print workshop &soWalter. Benjamin helped design the visual materials for our Karelia and Numera typefaces and printed raw materials for the Fabric collages.

Wei Huang is an Nynorsk speaker and master shitposter. Wei assisted in the design and kerning of Fabric Serif.

Inga Plönnigs is an independent type designer based in Berlin, Germany. She holds a degree from the TypeMedia master program at KABK. Inga assisted in the design of Numera.