An unfaithful companion

Faunus won a gold medal in the Visuelt Awards 2013! Faunus is a close relative of Satyr, intended for larger sizes, but still not quite a display face. Originally conceived as a font optimised for screen use, it is now equally at home on paper. Just don’t set it too small, nor too large. In spite of their shared DNA, Faunus’ outlines don’t follow Satyr’s faithfully, and sometimes not at all. They still work well together. About the design

Details: Faunus is designed by Sindre Bremnes and released on Monokrom Type Foundry in December 2012.
Technical information: Our fonts support virtually every language using the extended Latin alphabet. Faunus is delivered as CFF based OpenType files for print, and hand-hinted TrueType for screen.
Intended use: Faunus is intended for medium to large sizes as a companion to the text face Satyr.