Let Y live!

The Y-building used to be the headquarter of the Norwegian government’s Ministry of Education and Research. That was before the terror bombing of 2011, which left the famous building with its huge Picasso decorations severely damaged.

In 2014, the architect Erling Viksjø’s seminal masterpiece was scheduled for demolition, against advice from leading architects and The Directorate for Cultural Heritage.

The Monokrom Viksjø typeface, an all-caps sans serif, is our way of protesting against the destruction of this important Oslo landmark. It draws inspiration from the architectural style of the the Y-building: Jutting, monumental letterforms challenging conventional proportions and typographical common knowledge. The letter Y is, of course, shaped like the building, and several other letterforms are derived from this design.

The character set is limited to Norway’s official languages, and the recognised minority languages Northern Sami, Southern Sami, Lule Sami and Kven, as well as the commonly used Pan-Vlax alphabet for Romanes. Until the future of the Y-building is decided, all proceeds from the sales are donated to The People’s Initiative to save the Y-building.

Designer: Frode Helland
Released: 2018
Format: OTF, WOFF, WOFF2
Language support
Viksjø supports Norwegian, as well as our national minority languages
Bevar Y-blokka
Erling Viksjø, Wikipedia