A moment of clarity

Aften is lulling my baby girl to sleep. Aften is watching the sun set on the front porch with a pipe and a good book. Aften is doing the dishes, reading the news and listening to Bill Evans. Aften means evening, and its letterforms breathes the peaceful calm I depend upon to cope with everyday life. Drawn specifically to perform well on screens in small sizes, Aften is licensed for websites and apps. About the design

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Details: Aften is designed by Frode Helland and released on Monokrom Type Foundry in December 2012
Technical information: Our fonts support virtually every language using the extended Latin alphabet. Aften Screen is licensed solely for screen use, and delivered as hand-hinted TrueType files.
Intended use: Aften is drawn specifically to perform well on low resolution screens, at text sizes.