Weaving a Pattern

Whereas most reverse contrast slab serifs bear the dusty smell of Wild West, Mønster by Sindre Bremnes stands out with a scent of the orient. More eastern than western in its design, this clash of cultures is tightly spaced for creating striking headlines. Named after the Norwegian word for “pattern”, Mønster’s odd letter forms and exaggerated shapes combine into powerful, vigorous patterns, making a bold statement of any title. About the design

Details: Mønster is designed by Sindre Bremnes and released on Monokrom Type Foundry in May 2014.
Technical information: Our fonts support virtually every language using the extended Latin alphabet. Mønster is delivered as CFF based OpenType files for print. Webfonts coming soon.
Intended use: Mønster is a slab serif with especially tight spacing, intended for titles and headlines only.