Solitude & Longitude

We are proud to present our first release from an external designer: Nina Stössinger’s Nordvest emphasises the horizontal direction of the line, reversing the traditional order of thick and thins. A versatile type family in four weights and eight styles, it takes on a friendly, approachable appearance in the heavier weights, while the lighter text styles embody all the marks of a workhorse text face.

Nina Stössinger from Switzerland is a graduate from TypeMedia at KABK and recently joined Frere-Jones Type as senior typeface designer. Nordvest is her second major typeface.

With the release, we also announce the Nordvest Tour – a travelogue from the Faroe Islands. As Nordvest hits the shelves, we board our flight to Vágar. Starting September 1st, we’ll publish daily letters from our travels. About the design

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Details: Nordvest is designed by Nina Stössinger. Release date: September 2016.
Technical information: Our fonts support virtually every language using the extended Latin alphabet. Nordvest is delivered as CFF based OpenType files for print, and hand-hinted TrueType for screen.
Intended use: Light weights optimized for text sizes, black weight for display use. This range is well suited for editorial design, branding, packaging and more.