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Telefon, a Nordic geometric

Nostalgic? Guilty as charged. Telefon is based on the lettering on the original Norwegian phone booths, drawn by architect Georg Fredrik Fasting in the 30’s. Chosen as one of the best typefaces of 2012 by FontShop, Telefon is a general purpose geometric sans serif in three weights. Interpolation is not used. About the design

  • f
  • l
  • s
  • r
  • A
  • a
Details: Telefon is designed by Sindre Bremnes and released on Monokrom Type Foundry in December 2012
Technical information: Our fonts support virtually every language using the extended Latin alphabet. Telefon is delivered as CFF based OpenType files for print, and hand-hinted TrueType for screen.
Intended use: Telefon is a general purpose sans serif, working well at all sizes. Looser spacing and less stark geometry than most geometric typefaces makes it well suited for continuous reading.