No straight lines

Satyr won a gold medal in the Visuelt Awards 2013! A text face cannot stray far from convention and still remain usable — a book face even less so. Yet even within these constraints Satyr manages to bring something entirely new to the table. It contrasts convex with concave curves, sculpting letterforms instead of adhering to the traces of a physical tool. Satyr is complimented by Faunus, intended for larger sizes. About the design

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  • l
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Details: Satyr is designed by
Sindre Bremnes and released on Monokrom Type Foundry in December 2012. Spacing and kerning by Nina Stössinger.
Technical information: Our fonts support virtually every language using the extended Latin alphabet. Satyr is delivered as CFF based OpenType files for print, and hand-hinted TrueType for screen.
Intended use: Satyr is a typeface optimised for continuous texts printed on paper. The base design is intended for 9–12 points.